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When we talk about modern time Pharma Marketing or PCD based Pharma Franchise Business, it is really passing through a very challenging phase. Today, there is a cut throat competition and day by day new aspirants in this business model are increasing. Even well known ethical pharma marketing companies are entering into this Futuristic Business Model.

Looking to this highly competitive but futuristic business environment, we decided to launch this portal PHARMA INQUIRY which is run by a team of experienced Pharma Professionals having in-depth knowledge of Pharma business and industry. We are concentrating on PCD Pharma Franchise business solutions & Third Party Manufacturing. We help grow your business by offering following service:

My Leads Purchases

This is the most flexible leads purchases available on any portal. Keeping in mind the unavoidable circumstances when the enquiry handing becomes difficult like holidays, forced holidays eg. Covid lockdowns, employees on leave, employees resigns suddenly, business slowdown etc. Under these circumstances you need to slow down or absolutely stop buying leads.

On our portal, you will recharge your account with minimum INR 10000/- ++ and start buying leads. It is just like charging your mobile phone. Our lead rate is 40/- + 18% GST . So with 10000/- recharge you will be allowed to buy 250 leads, with 27000/- recharge 750 leads you can buy. and with 96000/- ou can buy 3000 leads. There is no limits on buying or recharging. You may buy any number of leads in a day and you can utilize your money for any number of days.

With this flexibility, your leads will never go waste due to above mentioned unavoidable circumstances.

Buy Leads package:

1. Buy Leads 250

Cost of one lead = 40/- Rupees + 18% GST 

Minimum Recharge amount = 10000 rupees + gst

Duration = Unlimited

Buy leads 250

2. Buy Leads 750

Cost of 1 lead = 36/- + gst

Amount = 27000/- + gst

3. Buy Leads 3000

Cost of 1 lead = 32/- + gst

Amount = 96000/- + gst


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